Friday, February 18, 2011

100th Post and 2 Awesome Awards

I can not believe that this is my 100th post and what a great post it is!!!

I was given the Stylish Blogger Award from LaLa at Scrappin' with LaLa. I in turn am required to give it to 8 other Stylish blogs and list 8 things about myself that others may not know.
I am giving this award to:

1. Haidee from created2bunique
2. Brenda from SimplyBren is having too much fun
3. Tanner from Mr. Cricut Crazy
4. Michelle Lee from Meesh's Pieces
5. Laurel from Little Peace of my Heart
6. Veronica D from Crafty Blonde
7. Jessica from Chick-n-Scrap
8. Midori from Scraps for Me

8 things about me:

1. I spend far too much time on the computer
2. I do not know exactly how to handle a complement
3. I don't like people who think they are better than others
4. I really really hate dishonesty
5. I am not a confrontational person
6. I have formed a horrible addiction to stamps
7. I love suspense but can't handle horror
8. I like to stay up til 4am and sleep til noon if possible

I also received the Liebster Blog Award from Dina at Crazy for Cricut. As a recipient of this award I need to:

1. pay it forward to 3-5 other newer blogs
2. let them know I chose them
3. copy and paste the award on my blog
4. have faith that my followers will rally and show their crafty love back out to those awarded
5. last but certainly not least HAVE FUN
Here are 5 blogs that I think are so amazing and have some super cute projects so please go show them some follower love.

1. Dusti from Scrappin with Cricut
2. Lilli from The Crazy Cardmaker
3. Tana from A Caffeinated Crafter
4. Genelle from Granny's Bullfrogs & Butterflies
5. McVic from You had me at Scrap


Tana said...

Thank you!!!! You gave me my first award. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you soso much for this award =) I really appriciate it =)

Hugs from Lilli =)

Midori said...

Why thank you so much for awarding my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award. I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I'm really honored by the award! :) Laurel

Maria Elena said...

Congratulations for your award...keep going girl !

Thanks for your comment in my blog!
Maria Elena ;-)

simplybren said...

Thank you so much for the award. I am honored that you took the time to visit my blog and give me my first award!