Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Candle

I love these candles and they are so much fun to make. They make a wonderful keepsake for the couple and hey let's face it, if things don't work out it can be great therapy watching the candle burn. I admit I have a touch of pessimism in me at times.

My brother-in-law is getting married on Saturday so I made the candle with their wedding invitation and etched their monogram in the base. I already posted about their card so if you would like to find the specifics you can click HERE.
To make the candle I taped a piece of tissue paper to a piece of printer paper and copied their wedding invitation in my printer. Then I cut the tissue paper close to the printing and put it on the candle and wrapped the candle with wax paper. I used my heat gun and ran it across where the tissue paper was and the candle wax melted into the tissue paper. Easy Peasy!!


LeeAnn from NC said...

The candle is beautiful ! How did you do it ?

Gloria said...

LeeAnn I edited the post to include how I made the candle. Thank you for looking!

Unknown said...

Did the wax paper stay on the candle too? or just the tissue paper. Also when I made them instead of taping, I used my spray adhesive I used to make the cricut mats sticky to make a piece of card stock sticky, and it was just enough to make my tissue paper stick. I made 70 for a wedding, so it was faster than taping I only sprayed once. Your colors seem more vibrant!

Gloria said...

WOW Denise 70 I couldn't imagine. I do good to make 1 at a time. :-)

No I take the wax paper off after I heat the wax. The first one I made I didn't wrap it in wax paper and I got a little heat gun happy and I had globs of melted wax all over. LOL So this time I used the wax paper and it kept all the wax even.

I use the "best" setting on my printer.