Sunday, September 19, 2010

Perpetual Calendar - October

For the past couple of days I have been working on making the Calendar I bought from R S Mobleys Designs. I planned and cut and screwed up so I planned again.
I used my Amy Chomas gel pen tool to write the numbers for the dates instead of piecing them which turned out pretty cool. I think I might color them in but not sure yet.

I cut all the pieces for the 3 base layers and made a template so that they would all end up pretty close to being positioned the same. (12 months + 14 numbers x 3 layers) hubby says I'm OCD.
I then moved on to cutting the pieces for October and realized just how small this project was going to be. I had to use tweezers and squint. LOL To give you an idea I took my calipers and the pumpkin in the ghosts hand is .18" x .25" The yellow top layer is 2 1/4" square.

It is small but I think it is really really cool. I sill have some embellishing to do but here is a picture on my mat so you can see the size.

Precious Hugs


Lisa Avolio said...

Beautiful and so colorful! Be sure to post more photos of it when you get it assembled.
I love that we can cut such tiny pieces, but it is hard to glue them!

Sharon said...

Gloria, This is just so awesome. I had no idea you were making my calendar. And wow. you took on a great challenge cutting it so small. I cut mine so the Month part was 5x5. Which I thought was small but it cut fine. What size of your month part.

Thanks for sharing your link with me, I Cant wait to see it finished. Keep me posted.


Caroline said...

fantastic project and you will have to post more photos as you get more done! Welcome to Sharon's CT as well! cheers, caz