Monday, September 27, 2010

Perpetual Calendar - November

Here is November of my calendar. I have to say that I have found 2 new AMAZING products that I love-love-love.

KAndrew turned me on to Tombo adhesive so I went to check my Hobby Lobby and they do sell it Yeah. I also saw that they have a glue pen. It looks just like a bic pen but it's filled with glue instead of ink and this thing is great for the tiny little pieces of this calendar. You can just put a pin point of glue on something and it doesn't seep out the edges. It is so great.

The next thing I was wanting was a good pair of tweezers and I found some TweezerBee tweezers by Cutter Bee and they are great because you squeeze the middle to make the claws open and when you let go they clamp on tight to the paper so when you are trying to put glue on something your hand is not getting cramped keeping tweezers held tight to the paper. I wanted to see how well they worked on something thin so I grabbed a hair that was on my shirt (I swear I'm going bald with all the hair falling out of my head) and then I tried pulling the hair out of the tweezers and it broke the hair. AMAZING

Precious Hugs


JustYolie said...

Love how you incorporated pink on the turkey! Awesome!

jen said...

Love your calendar...great idea. I just became your newest blog follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog.
hugs,jen (