Saturday, July 16, 2011

June Bugs are gross!!!

Please tell me I am not alone. Here in Nebraska we have what we call June bugs and they are yucky. I am terrified by these little buggers. They get tangled in my hair and buzz and the hard shell thuds against the windows. I am the only one in my family that is scared to death by them and when the sun goes down I want everything locked up. The 4th of July was a nightmare for me because the garage door was open, the lights were on and the June bugs were swarming. My daughter had the bug zapper and I told her that they all needed to be taken care of. I tell you the garage floor was covered the next morning.

One more thing... Why on earth are they called June bugs? They show up in the middle of May and stick around until late July. I think they swarm around my house telling all their friends to come to the party and watch Gloria scream, jump and run around like a lunatic. My family sure enjoys the show. LOL

Well onto my layout.
I am entering this layout in the
over at Card Creations & More by C.
My 3 year old grand daughter is fearless!! She is my Super Hero.
The bugs were cut from Doodlecharms.
I also cut out the picture of the June bug she picked up and adhered it to the back of the big bug.
The sentiment is from K. Andrew Designs "Amazing You" stamp set. I combined four different stamps from this set.

I am also thinking about adding this bottle cap to the layout. It has the actual June bug and I covered it with Diamond Glaze. So let me know if you think I should add the bottle cap or leave it off. Maybe I can make Kylie a necklace out of it?? Tell me what you think.
P.S. I want everyone to know the this June bug was found on our back porch. It was definately already deceased before I put it in the bottle cap. I wouldn't have come near it if it were still alive.
Here is a video on how I used the 4 stamps to make 1 amazing sentiment.


AmyJRockstar said...

OMGosh! You seriously had me laughing! LMBO! They are gross and I fear that if you put that in your scrapbook, every time you turn the page to that you might freak out or shudder a little bit. I know I would. Eesh! LOL Great post!

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XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super fun lay-out! We called them rice bugs because when you squished them it looked like rice inside! I would rather have june bugs than the scorpions, we have killed at least 16 in the last month!

You should add this super bottle cap to the lay-out it is super fun!

Charlotte said...

OH yes, you should for sure add it.

lovemypaper said...

Great layout!

Anonymous said...

I love that freaky little bottlecap! Plase tell me it died of natural causes and was not encased alive! I love the layout and the video!Well done you;)

Kristy said...

LOL! I thought you were writing about me for a minute! As a fellow Nebraskan, I feel your June Bug pain!
And yes, you should definitely add it.

Jody said...

We have them in Kansas too & I feel just as you do. This is our first summer in this house & we had them getting inside. I would get up every morning & find bunches of them in the kitchen sink, YUCK!!!! I made DH plug every possible spot they could get in! Finally no more of those nasty things inside. Love your layout!! My 3 yr old grandson is the same way, not scared at all, He would love that bottlecap as a necklace :-)

Anonymous said...

I must be looking in the wrong place - there is no link in the text "Here is a video on how I used the 4 stamps to make 1 amazing sentiment."
Is there somewhere else to click to see this video? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Aha! There's the video. Thanks! Very clever way to get the sentiment you wanted.

Card Creations by C said...

Yikes I am right there with you on the bug issue. That looks a lot like a type of bug I had in my bedroom in the fall. I hate all types of bugs they really scare the crap out of me :).

Your layout is great though! thank you for joining us!

Anonymous said...

Cool. And so clever. You managed to get all the words lined up so well. Something I always have problems with. TFS

Paula Bee said...

What a great layout! I hate June bugs as well...most bugs actually!! I prefer paper ones, they are much cuter! ;) Thanks for joining us at Card Creations & More!!

Janis Lewis said...

You are a riot! Please don't make your child wear that bug around her neck on a necklace. LOL And you are so brave too because I don't care if it was already dead or not, I would not have made a craft out of it. Ewww.... LOL I enjoy you and your posts so much. I can't wait to have some $$ to get those stamps. Hugs! Miss you! :) Janis

Amy said...

I was cracking up at this!!! We have June Bugs in California too and they are sickening! They even have a reddish fur on their chests! Ewwww!