Monday, August 25, 2014

Stamp-a-faire 2014

This has been so much fun. It was a major challenge to get so many projects finished in such a short amount of time. I must admit that if I hadn't, more or less, duplicated the projects from the amazingly talented team I never would have finished. It takes me so much time to get the creative juices flowing but it is starting to come back. For the last year and a half a little bit of depression, from the loss of my dad, has kept creativity at bay. I made a few attempts at blogging but it just never seemed to be the same. The last couple of months have been better and I am really trying to get back. I have really enjoyed this weekend and maybe a corner has been turned.

Passing Notes

I can't believe it has come to an end! The last project for Stamp-a-faire 2014!
This is my very first but it will not be my last for sure and I am already excited about next years event!

My grand kids teachers will most likely be seeing some of these throughout the year. Very fitting for a teacher. A gift card to Hobby Lobby or Starbucks would fit nicely.

Retro Rainbows

This will be a project that will be made many times over. Fast and Fun!

Rad Ad

I think this may be my favorite card. The bold colors and all the different shapes... Oh so much fun!!

Layered Stencils

Toward the end of this era is when I was born. I absolutely love the music!
The Temptations, The Supremes, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Aretha... They are all on my iPhone. Woodstock would have been an awesome experience!

Mock Mosaics

Embossing paste is a very fun medium to play with. My next online order is going to include some white paste. The only kind I have right now is translucent and I can't seem to find it around my town.

Faux Frescoes

I was finally able to make the cards for this era after a very bumpy start.
 Sticky my palm in the wet ink and smearing it was how I started my Stamp-a-faire experience but things did get better.