Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love my Job

Gotta say some days I really love my job.
I have 3 different jobs at 2 fabulous stores and have to confess that 95% of the time I totally LOVE my jobs. My first job is sales at a local Sew and Vac. One of the up-sides to this job is being able to make things like this soft and cuddly baby quilt.
My second job at the same store is teaching Bernina owners classes. One of the projects from a couple weeks ago is this cute pin cushion jar.
I also had a class a while back making a "Picnic Quilt" and yesterday Anna (one of the ladies that took the class) came in for me to teach her how to finish the binding. She was so excited that she was finishing her first quilt and she did such an amazing job on it.
My third job, I started about 2 months ago, at one of the local quilt shops. The owner of the shop is the local coordinator for "Project Linus". In between cutting fabric I get to do quite a bit of sewing there also and my 1st project was a "Project Linus" quilt.
See I have the best of both worlds and that is why I LOVE my jobs. Now I just need to get a 4th job at a scrapbook shop and I would totally have it made.

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Rosie said...

Looks lke you have a.fun job,beautiful projects

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