Monday, July 9, 2012

Spectrum Noir Storage

I have had a few Copic markers (69 to be exact) but when I found the Spectrum Noir markers I was sold. The complete set of 168 markers probably cost me less than my 69 Copics did. I am a crafter not an artist so the Spectrum Noir's are perfect for what I need and perfect for my pocket book also.

So since I got all these beautiful markers I have been trying to find the perfect (for me) storage for them all and I finally found it. I was at Office Max this weekend and saw this wire basket (here is a link) and thought that would be perfect. So I brought it home and asked hubby if he had any good ideas for a metal rod to go through the wire in both the front and the back and also be secured enough not to slip out of the wires.
Here is everything I used. The machine screws he got because they have both a screw and a nut. I didn't need the screws. I'm sure somewhere out there you can get a package of just nuts but let's just say hubby isn't the best at looking around. So now I have all these screws that I don't need and no nuts to go with them because I used them all for my marker storage. lol
The threaded rod is 3 feet long and I got 4 pieces out of each one so I used a total of 7 rods.
I cut a piece of foam core board to fit in the back so the markers would stick out a little more (easier to grab that way).
Here is a view of the 2 rods.
This is the side of the wire basket . I still have room for at least 36 more markers (if they come out with new colors) but for now I have my distress markers on the top.

I usually don't need to take my supplies anywhere but if I ever need to this set up could go with me as long as I was careful not to tip it upside down.


Sugarlips said...

This is awesome :) i was wondering how they stayed when you took one out.

Jenscrapstoo said...

Gloria, This is excellent, I am currently waiting for mine to turn up Things tap FOREVER to get her in OZ and this is the best storage I have seen for these yet!! Thanks for sharing Cheers Jennie

Rosie said...

Awesome organization hint I love my six copics I have but they are pricey

jessica said...

What a GREAT storage idea!!! love all those markers!!

Nana said...

What a great idea.


Debbie said...

wow thanks so much for sharing this this looks great and love this idea thanks again for sharing the pic too hugs Debbie

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

This is awesome!