Friday, April 6, 2012

Duct Tape Flower

OK I am most certainly living under the biggest rock on earth!!!
I got a call from a friend tonite asking if I had ever heard of duct tape flowers. Of course with me under this boulder of mine I had to say no. She wanted to know if I could make a mini flower and said to check it out on YouTube. So can anyone tell me how we ever ever survived without YouTube??

These are the absolute coolest flowers. Oh My Gosh they are super easy once you stop trying to make perfect squares out of duct tape. I have craft OCD and it is so hard for me to follow....
"Take a piece of duct tape and cut it into fourths."
I had my exacto knife out measuring how wide the duct tape is and trying to cut a piece so it would be perfectly square and then trying to cut that square into 4 more perfect squares.
Come on girl just approximate a square will ya!!!! LOL

I added some Distress Stickles and they are gorgeous!!!
I see many more of these beauties in my future for sure and Vicky the answer is YES!!!!!
This is the video I watched HERE
This flower is about 1" x 1" and the height is 2" with the stem.


Docerela said...

OMG that is such a cute flower. You gave me plenty of ideas. Thank you so much for inspirations.


jessica said...


Rosie said...

WOW!!!! gloria this is awesome!! i have seen these attached on top of pens... looks way cool

Amy said...

Very clever way to use duct tape- TFS! :)Amy

mamawcindy said...

I never thought I would be saying this! But your duct tape flower is gorgeous! So Creative! :0)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These is so pretty! My Daughter's friends make these to put on the ends of pens! Happy Easter!

lovemypaper said...

Wow super cute!