Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh What A Day

This weekend mom and I were supposed to make cake pops for my grandson's 7th birthday treats tomorrow but we didn't get them done and I didn't want to be empty handed in the morning so I worked on alternate treats. I made 24 of them just for his class. (not the whole school this time)
I needed something that was quick to make and remembered seeing a tutorial that Sarah "Pink Cricut" did. If you are looking for a fast treat holder check it out. Since I used her tutorial I also used her Pink by Design "Faith" stamp set.
When Bryce got home from school he went to the neighbor's house to play and he had his new Christmas scooter. The neighbor brought him home with a towel on his face and blood all over his hands. Bryce said that he collided with another boy and fell off his scooter. Needless to say he bit a hole right through his lip. The clinic had just closed so off to the ER we went and he ended up getting 4 stitches. He was so brave!!!
 This was taken while we were waiting for paperwork after he got the stitches.
 This picture was taken right after we got home.
How many kids can say they got stitches for their 7th birthday?


Rosie said...

Oh my the joys of being a kid!!!! you amaze me at how fast you do things.

great project!!!


M said...

I made these too!!! They were so much fun and so easy!! Never got around to posting it, but I guess I will soon!
I'm your newest follower! Would love for you to come follow me!


Pink Cricut said...

Oh my-- Sorry about his lip!! So glad he was brave though- boys are so tough!! Your treat boxes turned out SO great!!!