Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bayberry's Sewing Notions

I started a new job, a few weeks ago, teaching classes at my local sewing machine dealer. I am teaching Owner's classes for new Bernina owners and loving it. These classes keep me busy but don't give me much time for making anything to blog about.

Well Yee Haw I am now teaching projects as well and will have something pretty in the end to show. I am going to teach a class in a couple of weeks with the Bayberry's Sewing Notions designs and they are so amazingly gorgeous. Here is the wall organizer I made for the class. The only down side is I don't get to hang this in my room because it is hanging in the store but I can live with that because I still get to be creative.

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JustYolie said...

Wow! This is beautiful...I love it!