Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Oh my goodness I can not believe I received another blog award! This is so awesome and I want to give a huge thank you to Amanda from "My Scrappin Obsession".
The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person that gave it to me and link to their blog.

2. Share 8 things about yourself:
 1. I cry when I watch Hallmark commercials.
 2. I really like Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother.
 3. I am a major craft JUNKIE.
 4. I would give the shirt off my back for someone that needed it. (as long as they promised not to make fun of my fat rolls.) :-)
 5. I spend more $$ on crafts then I do clothes.
 6. I would rather do almost any other household chore before cooking.
 7. I am majorly obsessive/compulsive about certain things.
 8. I would do absolutely anything for my family.

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered.
 1- Yolie at Just Yolie, Just Create
 2- Tammy at OBX Stamping and Crafting
 3- Kristal at Getting Cricky with K. Andrew
 4- Meighen at Scrappin 3rdeeschik
 5- Alex at You Had Me At Craft
 6-Raechel at Raechel's Cards
 7- Sharon at RS Mobleys Designs
 8- Caroline at Aussie Caz Designs

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

Precious Hugs


Anonymous said...

WOWEE! We can do the happy dance together--I'm dancing to Tanya's music over here--for YOU giving me this blog award! Love ya girl!

Scrappin_3rdeeschik said...

YAY Thanks so much. It is nice to know I have Style :) You made my day

JustYolie said...

Congrats for receiving the award Gloria! And thank you for passing it onto me...I'll post it on my blog soon! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks Gloria, I never got a blog award before and just getting to this.

Thanks so much.